Squarespace – Everything You Need to Know About Squarespace


Squarespace is a website building service That allows you to make beautiful sites using easy drag and drop tools. It focuses on small business owners who are searching for an easy way to make an internet presence.

Started in 2003, Squarespace currently powers millions of countless websites online.

Squarespace Review: Pros and Cons of Squarespace

Like I mentioned above, I used the Platform for just 8-10 hours. This isn’t in any way sufficient for a comprehensive exploration and evaluation of each and every feature of this system. Also, since it belongs to someone else, I couldn’t do much experimentation, without which any review would be incomplete. Nonetheless, I will go ahead and write it after all, first impression matters also.

Pros of Squarespace

Let us first look into the advantages of Squarespace:

1. Awesome Templates: In comparison to other popular platforms, Squarespace Has a limited variety of templates. But these are of the highest quality. They have been developed with intense love and attention, I would say.

2. WYSIWYG Editor: Squarespace provides WYSIWYG editor, that is, the printed page will look precisely the same as it appears on the picture editor. You can personalize the templates without having the minimal technical knowledge; you can use their drag and drop feature to build your own layouts.

3. Great Customer Service: To see how good their customer service is I messaged them over their live chat service with a few arbitrary queries. They reacted instantly.

4. Mobile-Friendly Website: No matter what changes you create the design and layout of the website, it will automatically correct with the screen size of their user’s device. All of Squarespace websites are responsive, which is extremely important these days.

5. Easy for Search Engine Optimization: in comparison to all those other programs, Squarespace has more to offer in regards to optimization of the site and it is articles for search engines. Not just the basics like tags and meta description, it also creates an XML sitemap for your website and permits you to submit it using Google Search Console. You’re able to integrate Google Analytics also.

6. No Need to Worry About Technical Aspects: Squarespace looks after all of the technical facets of your site. From hosting to safety and software updates, everything is taken care of by Squarespace. You do not need to think about your site getting hacked or any other technical aspects. You may just concentrate on building your website.

Cons of Squarespace

There are a Couple disadvantages of Squarespace that are as under:

1. Limited Functionalities: Unlike WordPress.org self-hosted website, you cannot install plugins from Squarespace. There are some standard in-built functionalities but not much alternatives to add external functionalities to boost its own capabilities.

2. A Little Tough Editor: Customization of your Squarespace website isn’t quite as easy as, let us say Wix. You’ve got to spend some time to get used to how it works.

3. No Free Plan: Unlike most of the other platforms, There is not any free plan on Squarespace. There is a 14-day trial period after which you will have to upgrade to a paid program.

Squarespace Feature

1: Email Newsletters

You can send out regular newsletters. To your list.

To send out a regular newsletter Email, you’re only going to click create and then select burst, and that’s exactly what they’re phoning it in Squarespace.

In true Squarespace Style, they have so many stunning professionally-designed templates which you may choose from and then customize to match your brand.

The email editor works very Similar to Squarespace, which is great. Once you get comfortable with Squarespace itself, you’ll also be quite comfortable with the email marketing feature.

2: Schedule Newsletters

With Squarespace you can schedule Mails to go out today.

If you want to schedule your Campaign, click program campaign.

If you want it to go out Immediately, click send to mailing lists.

3: Automated Email Sequences

Yay! You can now send automatic email sequences. With Squarespace, you can do this either after they have signed up for your newsletter/lead magnet and after your purchase.

You’ll see the two choices.

  • Subscriber Activity – this is the way you would welcome new readers or followup after a direct magnet.
  • Commerce – this is how you can send thank you emails following a purchase

You May Be wondering – do you need No, you don’t. You can simply click on that and then click badge and turn off this to eliminate it.

4: Simple Signup Forms

How do you get somebody to actually Sign up to receive your emails? All you will need to do is locate your insert point and insert the newsletter block (aka a gorgeous sign up form).

  • Return into your automations segment
  • Just click add commerce and this time select a thank you clients.
  • Customize this email for your brand
  • Connect the Right product


Squarespace has Different pricing strategies for websites and online stores.

Pricing for their Private site plan starts at $16/month, or $12/month in the event that you pay for the entire year beforehand. For the Business plan, pricing starts at $26/month, or $18/month billed annually.

Whereas pricing for Online shops starts from $26/month and up to $40/month.

Often users finish up Switching from Squarespace to WordPress to minimize their costs and add more features on their websites.

Customer Support

You can go the DIY route with the information base or video set. It is also possible to enroll for a live webinar where they’ll describe the basic. Or you can get in contact with a rep through email (24/7) or live chat.


Offering one of the best ‘final products’ of the website builders, Utilize Squarespace to build your business a gorgeous, contemporary and visually Appealing website. The professional-looking templates, array of integrations and eCommerce capabilities of Squarespace make it a great decision to create any Type of site. But be prepared to invest time searching for all of those Editor’s features, editing them and optimizing the elements on your site.