InMotion Hosting is one of the largest names in the internet hosting industry. They provide hosting for beginners, bloggers, large businesses, and everybody in between. InMotion Hosting is famous for their trusted hosting, quality client service, and wide assortment of services.

Following are the aspects we will look into:

Performance: How fast will your website load on InMotion Hosting?

Reliability: Can your website be accessible to your users with no downtime?

Client Service: Could you count on their customer service to provide quick help when you need it?

Features: Do they provide everything you will have to build your website?

Prices: Do they provide best pricing in the business? Are there any InMotion Hosting deals that will save you money?

Bottom line: In our InMotion Hosting review, we found them to be quite a reliable hosting service, with great plans and helpful U.S based customer service that’s available 24/7.

That’s why we chose to urge InMotion Hosting among the best WordPress hosting companies.

Is InMotion Hosting Perfect for Your Website?

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InMotion Hosting is one of the biggest hosts around, most notable because of their WordPress-ready shared and managed VPS hosting plans that all come with cPanel and SSDs standard.

The Pros of InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting has a steady market presence and continues to improve its infrastructure. It is a business that attempts to create quality hosting options.

1. Generous Plans

All shared hosting plans come with unlimited bandwidth, storage, and email accounts. The terms of support indicate that excessive use could cause a warning and ultimate action in the system administrators, but does not go into particulars.

All InMotion plans come with a respectable marketing boost.Overall plans are generous,even though the file limitations could be felt.

2.Strong Site Builder

InMotion Hosting is your developer of BoldGrid, which is one of the most powerful website builders right now. It works atop WordPress and can create practically any kind of site.

It’s not without its drawbacks, but that can be said about absolutely every website building platform there is. The main issue with site builders is that the additional code required to make them operate. Bloated coding can impact the website speed and functionality.

BoldGrid is comparatively lean in this aspect, largely thanks to the splendid templates it provides.

If you’re interested in finding a site building tool at a self-hosted surroundings, BoldGrid is one of the best choices.

3.90-day Money-back Guarantee

InMotion Hosting exhibits confidence typical of their best hosting companies and then a few. The business standard money back warranty is 30 days, with the occasional hosting provider that ups the ante to 45 days.

InMotion goes bravely where no other host has gone before, offering the hidden 90-day money back guarantee.

4.Stellar Infrastructure

InMotion Hosting runs two data centers, one on the East and one on the West Coast of the USA. They are highly secured facilities with reserve power supplies, cool cooling and all that jazz. The best part is they are attached directly to Tier 1 network providers that guarantee excellent bandwidth and robust DDoS protection.


You may bring up to 3 cPanel websites for free to InMotion. Or rather, the InMotion Hosting service team can deliver them for you, at no cost.

InMotion moves entire cPanel accounts at no cost.

Free migrations are very useful since the receiving server frequently is set up in a slightly different manner than the originating one. Different enough to cause hallucinations, malfunctioning webpages, and whatnot. Skillful inbound migration team should know how to prevent any downtime and any undesirable site behavior.

The InMotion service team promises just that.

6.Fast Backend

The control panel or AMP, as it is dubbed over at InMotion Hosting, is not anything particular, but the layout is practical enough. Its most striking characteristic is that the very quick response time, which translates to very speedy cPanel and WordPress admin area too.

Everything loads lightning fast in all 3 regions, making all facets of the site management a much more pleasant experience.

The Cons of InMotion Hosting

Sometimes, InMotion allows you to stop and think twice. The business is not perfect, and while not one of the drawbacks is a serious culprit you should know where the service lacks so that you can make an educated decision whether this really is the best website hosting choice for you.

1.Misleading Marketing

InMotion Hosting is quite open about the shared packages it supplies and even supplies a table compared to other popular site hosts. Everything looks nice and dandy if you’re unfamiliar with any other host.

The thing is that you don’t need to get a site for unbiased hosting reviews to spot inconsistencies and inaccuracies. You can simply go to the sites of the competition and check for yourself.

2. 50,000 File Limit

I mentioned that the 50.000 files cap is not a serious obstacle for the smallest and the medium program, in the vast majority of cases. However, carrying over the limitation to the Pro plan is a bit too much. Individuals normally purchase bigger hosting programs to have more room and to accommodate larger websites. This limit makes little sense.

3. Potentially Slow Account Activation

Often, the InMotion security team checks new customers by calling them and asking for confirmation, particularly if the new client resides outside the united states. They are polite and don’t ask anything unreasonable (passport could do), but it is something to have in your mind.

There is a great chance that your account won’t be active right after the payment is cleared. The company does well to communicate this so it doesn’t arrive as an unwanted surprise.


At conclusion, we could tell you Inmotion’s services are rather good. The features it handles on its servers are among the very best in the current market and costs are extremely accessible.

Also, its technical support is very careful to its clients responding quickly and with timely solutions to any inconvenience. This is something which is quite much appreciated for this kind of service.

Also important is how it offers cPanel in most of its programs, which is quite convenient. This will let you set up many added add-ons, such as WordPress, for any undertaking.

Their payment methods are somewhat limited in comparison to other suppliers. But, it is still quite feasible that they accept credit cards.