About HostGator

HostGator is one of the Biggest web hosting providers in the world and provides some of the lowest monthly fees on the market but does the adage “You get what you pay for” apply? Keep Reading to Learn within this HostGator Review.

HostGator has been around for Quite a While and is one of the largest Shared hosting providers on the market. They offer shared hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and much more. Nowadays, we’re going to have a look at some of the facts supporting their shared hosting offerings.

Pros and Cons of HostGator


  • Thousands of easy-to-install applications
  • 4,500 free website templates
  • Free Weebly website builder


  • Unattractive control panel
  • Can feel overwhelming to new users

HostGator Bonus Features

HostGator is out to win you a client and they throw tons of bonus features in with every purchase of a hosting plan. Here’s a Fast breakdown of what else you receive over and above the hosting package itself:

  • Free BaseKit SiteBuilder and Website Building Tools
  • 4,500 Free Website Templates
  • Free Website Transfer, Domain Name Transfer, MySQL Transfer, Script Transfer
  • $100 Google Adwords Offer

Web Hosting Pricing Plan

Shared hosting plans are suitable for brand new websites and novices. They allow you to set up your website straightforwardly, which means it is possible to begin working on receiving more visitors and increasing your company. You can then upgrade your hosting as your site succeeds.

HostGator’s shared hosting plans provides three various levels. All plans have the same unlimited storage along with bandwidth. The main difference in each of the programs is that the number of websites you can host at a time.

  • 1. Hatchling: The Hatchling plan lets you host only one website. It features 1-click WordPress installer also originates with a typical set of attributes. This strategy begins at $2.75 monthly.
  • 2 Baby: With the Baby plan, you can host unlimited sites. It involves all the features of this Hatchling program, and you could also use add-ons such as personal SSL. The starting price of this plan is $3.95 monthly. It allows unlimited storage, bandwidth, and domain names.
  • 3. Business: This plan is acceptable for small business websites. The program has a free SSL certificate and totally free dedicated IP that you will want to create an eCommerce site. The price starts from $5.95 per month. It enables unlimited storage, bandwidth, and domain names.


When it comes to usability, if you have never needed a hosting package earlier, you’re likely to have an eye-opening experience. I will say, but that if you have somebody with even the slightest bit of specialized understanding looking after your hosting then you’ll be happy with the setup that HostGator supplies.

There are numerous options for Hosting control panels but few are as great as CPanel setups and HostGator utilizes them for all of its shared hosting plans.

This is a good thing.

CPanel is easy to use, yet very Strong and once you get used to it, you will end up falling in love with the fact that everything is simply there and readily accessible without distracting graphics and colors. Functionality is divided into logical classes and getting to the task at hand is quick and simple to do.


I’ve had plenty of experience with HostGator as CMS Critic was, at one time, hosted using their shared hosting service on the company plan and we had been using them for many years. During this time period, I have had lots of times once I’ve needed to reach out for their support for simple questions or advanced troubleshooting.

They’re quick to answer the telephone And the bulk of the support technicians are extremely good at their jobs. I have had very few poor encounters through the last few years and coming from a number of years experience dealing with internet hosts, HostGator undoubtedly is among the best I have used.

The only reason we are no longer Hosted together is we had to graduate into managed hosting and as a result, switched to WP Engine.

Things You Need To Know

I’m now going to flag something which I experienced with HostGator which I did not realize until it was too late. This was not the fault of HostGator but instead my own rather than paying attention and catching it. By filling you, it’s my expectation that you’ll be sure to pay attention and will not cause yourself headaches in the road.

If you have a web site hosted with Them that contains a very large number of files (in excess of 100,000 or over 20 GB in size) that they will not back your website or any of the documents up if you exceed these limits. There’s a choice to input an email so you are notified if a backup fails whenever one is run but maybe not when you’re closing in on those limits. Therefore, it is very important to listen to this box and if you start creeping upon the constraints, you’ll want to act quickly to ensure that your site is backed up. Otherwise, you might be exposing yourself to the danger of no backups.


HostGator can feel like something of a sprawling service – a jack-of-all-trades and a master-of-none. However, with 8 million clients utilizing the provider’s wide range of packages, it’s apparent there are a lot of joyful gators down in the swamp.

With the technologies and service Required to sustain such an extensive service, it’s no surprise that clients Are lining up to transfer their online jobs to HostGator. One of the Absolute headline features of HostGator has to be its own compatibility with over One million applications. Boast that feat. Its simple third-party tools like the Weebly Web Builder who make installing your favorite applications simple is another additional Bonus. Even though the company provides so many services, they don’t shy away From incorporating other firms’ technologies to get a better user experience Rather than trying to perform them falling flat.