What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is a non-prescription,’hosted’ e-commerce alternative which enables business owners to establish an online store and sell their products on the web. ‘Hosted’ implies that BigCommerce runs on its servers — so you do not have to get hosting or install anything on your computer to use it. As long as you have access to a web browser and the world wide web, you can build and manage your store from anywhere.

It’s a software as a service (SaaS) product, meaning you don’t own the software, however pay a monthly fee to use it.

The item comes with a range of customizable templates that will help you design your internet shop; you can use it to sell either physical or electronic products; and there are also some tools supplied to assist you advertise your store.

BigCommerce is mainly geared toward people without much in the way of web design abilities, but in addition, it allows more tech-savvy users and programmers to tweak the HTML and CSS of their online shops too.

As with all hosted online store and website construction services (Shopify, Volusion, Squarespace, Jimdo etc.), if BigCommerce were to close down or change its characteristic set radically, you may find yourself in a situation where you had to migrate your store to another platform (Magento Move users can tell you about that!) .

But unless you are in a place to develop your own online shop from scratch, then you’re in all probability going to wind up having a hosted solution like BigCommerce anyhow to run your store, and the good thing is that it is among the more established products of its kind on the market, with a client roster that includes Paypal, Avery, Clarks Shoes and Gillette.

  • BigCommerce pricing

BigCommerce offers four monthly pricing strategies, which can be as follows:

BigCommerce Pro: $299.95 per month

BigCommerce Enterprise: pricing varies, Depending upon Your business requirements

A 10% reduction is available for the’Plus’ and’Pro’ plans if you pay yearly for them; along with also a 15-day free trial is also available

The’standard’,’plus’ and’pro’ programs are aimed at individuals and small companies, and are a part of the company’s”Essentials” array of products.

The Enterprise program is geared more towards larger businesses and corporations (users with very high bandwidth and innovative selling requirements).

Are you seeking the right shopping cart software but you do not know where to begin? This can be a difficult decision to make but a strong argument can be created for BigCommerce. BigCommerce is among the best options out there when it has to do with shopping cart software and with good reason. BigCommerce is an simple to use program with many incredible features. If you’re seeking an eCommerce platform that’s reliable and flexible then BigCommerce might be the alternative you are looking for. So what is so good about BigCommerce? We’re glad you asked. Listed here are a few of the amazing benefits of using BigCommerce as your eCommerce platform.

  • Great Support

If it has to do with an eCommerce platform, you want something which will supply you with helpful support when you want it. That’s what you may find with BigCommerce. With BigCommerce you may receive 24/7 support so you are aware you will be addressed in case of an issue. This will provide you with a better peace of mind as you seek to efficiently run your company.

  • Mobile Friendly

Another fantastic benefit of BigCommerce is that it works good on mobile devices. With choices like mobile themes available, you will easily have the ability to maximize your shopping cart for mobile devices. In this time, that is a benefit you can’t function without.

  • Economy on Different Websites

BigCommerce allows you the flexibility of selling numerous websites. With BigCommerce you’ll have the ability to sell on eBay, Amazon and even Facebook. As you well know, eBay and Amazon are a few of the most well-known places to go for internet shopping. As such, you won’t want to be with no choices. Utilizing these eCommerce platforms permits you to build a client list and drive traffic to your website. These are benefits that you do not want to miss out!

You’ll also discover some fantastic advantages in the ability to market on Facebook. Facebook allows you to integrate a social aspect into how you do online sales. The viral dimension of social media is a fantastic technique of manufacturing promotion and finally making earnings.