Bluehost provides the supreme WordPress platform. Tuned for WordPress users, we offer WordPress-centric dashboards and software together with 1-click setup, a completely free domain name, email, FTP, FREE SSL Certificate Contained, and even more. Easily scalable and backed by legendary 24/7 live chat service by over 700 in-house hosting pros which are always available to take your own mobile phone. Their hosting starts at $2.95/month and it are back with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Bluehost is one of the best hosting options for anyone searching for hosting that is reliable, and it is ideal and simple to use for novices. If you thinking about a new website and looking for easy to use hosting, Bluehost has most of the features 1-click supports, also it’s quite straight forward to work with and manage for beginners.

 Advantages of Using Bluehost

  • High uptime and fast loading speed
  • Reliable security
  • Seamless WordPress integration
  • Generous storage
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Scalable hosting plans
  • A free domain name to your 1st year
  • A free SSL certificate
  • No hidden charges

Disadvantages of Using Bluehost

Bluehost is packed with useful features and supplies a high-quality hosting environment for an affordable price. But like most hosts, they aren’t perfect.

Here are some of the biggest drawbacks to Bluehost hosting that you’ll want to Know about:

  • Renewal Price Increases

Like many hosting companies you will experience a cost jump once it comes time to renew. Most hosting firms offer very low introductory rates to protect you as a client, simply to experience the”real” rates when it comes time to renew.

This issue is not something which’s unique to Bluehost as nearly every single hosting firm uses this pricing plan. But, it’s worth mentioning nonetheless.

If you do renew your plan after the initial term, remember that you will be paying a higher monthly fee than your introductory rate.

  • 2. Unlimited Hosting Is Restricted

Another frequent hosting practice is promoting unlimited hosting if in fact it’s really very limited. Bluehost sells “unlimited” hosting, but as you’ll see it’s pretty far from this fact.

But if that is the first time creating a site, then you probably won’t really run into these limits, but it’s still worth diving to what these constraints are.

By “unlimited” hosting Bluehost means they’ll do their best to supply all of those on unlimited hosting plans with the necessary tools to grow their sites, without having a jump in pricing.

There are no arbitrary limits placed on these accounts, however if your site is consuming a large percentage of server resources, storage, memory, then you may want to upgrade your account, or you will experience things like slow loading rates and site performance.

Essentially, if you’re staying within the terms and conditions, rather than swallowing a super high degree of server resources, then you are going to be fine.

Hopefully, the information above has replied virtually all your questions associated with Bluehost. However, you still may have any lingering questions.

Here are some of the most common questions related to Bluehost we’ve come across

  • Is there a money back guarantee?

Bluehost does offer a money-back guarantee. However, it’s only applicable to the hosting term. Still, their guarantee is pretty generous.

You may cancel within 30 days of beginning your hosting account and receive a full refund. If you would like to cancel after the 30 day period, then you will be given a partial refund based on the amount of time left in your own plan.

Remember that this warranty only applies to hosting plans rather than to any domains you’ve bought, or add-on services.

  Can you get domains through Bluehost too?

Yes. Bluehost can also act as your domain registrar. Additionally, lots of plans are outfitted with a free domain name during sign up.

If you have a strategy beyond the cheapest shared hosting plan, then you can host and manage unlimited domain names along with your Bluehost account.

Yes. Bluehost is an incredibly high-performing and reliable host. With rates and uptime that continuously rank in the top echelon of hosting companies they are unquestionably a host you should think about. Their strategies are affordable and packed with features. Additionally, with a wide array of available programs you are guaranteed to locate a plan and package that’s fantastic for your new website. Finally, those seeking a high quality WordPress host should consider Bluehost.